It's all about me  

Living for 15 years in San Francisco, California, Philippe Glade

divides his work between floral photography and the events that

make this State unique.


In the Flowers Chapter you will find samples from his out of print

book Brilliance, a 210 Images Botanical Portfolio and a series of



His Fine Art Body of Work is The Imaginary Gardens, a

provocative reshaping of nature, like a DJ spinning music he

remixes his Images until a Visual Melody Blooms.


The Burning Man is an event followed for 10 years.

You will find in this Chapter Images of the Art Installations and a

Series about the Ephemeral Architecture of the Desert.


Soon a fourth Chapter about Americana and Events featuring the

Folsom Street Fair (Adults Only), The Illegal Soapbox

Derby, Landscapes and Stock Will be Added